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A one-day intensive exercise focused on the fundamentals of software development. Developers will practice writing clean code, writing tests, and working in pairs. To sign up for the annual Global Day of Coderetreat, follow the event at Meetup.


Once a month, we record a podcast focused on the work of programmers. We discuss topics closely related to software development. We invite guests and ask them for their tips and recommendations.

Tailored training

Are you interested in organizing a lecture or customized training in your own company or community? Contact us; we will be happy to make it happen at your place. We have a lot of experience with it.

Coding Dojo

Usually, a two-hour exercise. Participants sit together at one computer. There is always only one person (Driver) at the keyboard, where everyone takes turns. The others watch the progress projected on the screen (Observers).


From programmers to programmers. Reflections, thoughts, tips on books, recommendations on various tools. Just everything that will help improve the work of people involved in software development.

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